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Airborne Modular SAR Processor

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Long range, high resolution, SAR systems encounter problems with geometric linearity and focus quality caused by unknown sensor motions or atmospheric variation. We have incorporated autofocus and phase correction into the modular SAR processor that rectifies both these problems.

Both satellite and airborne SAR data is subject to a number of perturbations which stem from various causes and lead to unknown phase chages in the raw data and subsequent imagery which may be defocussed or non-linear. As part of their SAR processing capability, InfoSAR offer an Airborne Modular SAR Processor capability that allows unknown sensor motions to be derived from the received SAR signal. The derived motions can then be applied in a motion compensation process to correct the sensor track to a straight line.

This report illustrates the use of these techniques; as it shows, they enable sharply-focused images to be obtained with objects accurately located in the along-track direction. This is an essential component where accurate SAR imagery is required, such as in change detection.

We provide an advanced implementation of these techniques in our Modular SAR Processor. This processor is designed to provide SAR development groups with the ideal tool to study the effects of a variety of perturbations or of new processing techniques, on SAR image quality. It comes complete with our SAR data simulator, enabling the construction of realistic simulated data of arbitrary ground scenes. For more information, click here.

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